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Oman Morí is a Peruvian multidisciplinary photographer, specializing in fine art photography, still life, and analog and digital experimentation. His work revolves around the use of old and defective analog cameras to portray and analyze his daily life in urban chaos, as well as working with family archives and the use of digital manipulation. As a photographer and experimental musician, he implements sound and images to create a multi-sensorial experience.
With the project “Dissociations,” he is currently focused on portraying the person's relationship with their physical space, seeking to discover how the territory influences the construction of imaginaries, and how it unconsciously affects the individual. In his previous work, he used psychological theories to portray the abandonment of nature by Western civilization, using abstraction to recreate feelings of estrangement. He also created a project where he established a link between fire and social uprisings. Specifically, he explored the riots in Valparaíso, Chile, during the social unrest that the country experienced in October 2019.
He received his formal training in photography in the Faculty of Communications at the University of Lima, where he obtained a BA in Communications. He also studied at Centro de la Imagen (Peru), where he received a Diploma in Contemporary Latin American Photography. He recently graduated from the Creative Practices program at the International Center of Photography, New York.

In my projects, I use perspectives and dream-like scenarios to craft fictional narratives that offer an intriguing departure from everyday reality.

My artistic exploration revolves around the intricate relationship between individuals and their surroundings, delving into the depths of personal histories and memories. Through an abstract and experimental framework, I aim to unravel the profound connections we share with our environment.

Currently, my artistic endeavors revolve around the profound impact of territory on the creation of collective imaginaries, influencing our perception of time and our understanding of our own history. Drawing inspiration from fields such as psychology and sociology, I shape my photographic works as a testament to the strong bonds between physical and mental locations.

My current venture, entitled "Schema," employs digital techniques to manipulate forgotten family archives discovered in an undeveloped roll. This exploration aims to investigate the malleability of memory and our intricate ways of self-representation.


2023 Lifelines, group exhibition of the International Center of Photography graduates, curated by Marina Chao
2020 Espacios Transitorios, group exhibition on the streets of Valparaíso Chile, Curated by Colectivo Litoral
2019 Feria Internacional de Fotografía de Valparaíso, Parque Cultural de Valparaíso.
2018 Transterritorialidades, group exhibition of the Master in Latin American Photography, "El Ojo Ajeno" Gallery, curated by Jorge Villacorta



2022-2023 One-year program in Creative Practices, International Center of Photography, New York
2017-2018 Máster de fotografía latinoamericana contemporánea, Centro de la Imagen, Lima

2008-2013 BA Communications, Universidad de Lima

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