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Fort Da (2017)

In the Freudian psychology, the fort-da game, speaks of the birth of the symbolic process in the human. The theory emerges in an anecdotic way, once the German psychologist sees his one-year-old grandson playing with a spool tied up by a string. The game consist in his son trying to knock down the spool and then bringing it back to himrepeating constantly the words Fort-Da(there- down there). In this context, the little child seems to be suffering for the absence of his mother, with the game symbolically mirroring the process of abandonment. The reel is a metaphor for the mother, where the appearance and disappearance of this object symbolizes the departure and return of the mother.

In this case the mother is nature, which at first moment is difficult to recognize. It is an abstraction of colors and shapes, something chaotic and strange. However, nature, represented by a landscape, is progressively revealed to the viewer, as they come closer to observe the image

This is also the moment when the person realizes he is abandoned.

The symbolic process  portraits  the current relation between the human and “mother” nature. The former has replaced his knowledge and proximity to nature, with dependency towards his urban environment. The current man unconsciously seeks the presence of nature in his life and through this new approach he can realize that.

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